The Story

Upon moving into our beautiful home in the Byron Hinterland, we realised we needed some beautiful furniture to fit our bohemian style.  We were so proud of the perfect location we'd chosen to live- the space just had to be made perfect and we weren't willing to compromise.  This is a big problem if you have any kind of budget.

I would regularly pick up weathered, partially broken pallets and 'scraps' of timber that would lay around the industrial estate; it was perfect construction material after all.

Slowly but surely, we crafted pieces that fitted our style just the way we liked them.

Upon falling in love with our space we had created so cost effectively, we couldn't resist wondering if others would appreciate what we had created as much as we did.

And so it was born;

Brother Nature - Creators & Collectors of Affordable Bohemian Furniture, Living and Lifestyle Pieces




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